Parent Involvement


High Point Academy Parent Involvement Policy

High Point Academy recognizes that involvement of parents in their children’s education increases student success resulting in better schools. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires the involvement of parents in the Title I program. The Parental Involvement Policy has been developed jointly between school representatives and parents. It describes the school’s expectations for parental involvement in our school.

Each year at the first school-wide meeting the Superintendent or Title I representative will inform the parents that High Point Academy is a school that receives Title I funds. This individual will share the requirements of the program and the parent’s right to be involved. Parents will also be given helpful hints for successful study habits and additional resources that are available to them. At that time, the Parent Involvement Policy will be reviewed by parents for feedback.

High Point Academy believes the Parent Compacts are an essential part of a comprehensive parent involvement policy. The Parent Compact outlines how parents, teachers, and students will share in the responsibility for improved student academic achievement. This compact is made available on the website for downloading and will also be given out during the first school-wide meeting.

At High Point Academy, parent involvement goals will be implemented to:

  • Keep parents informed of the specific instructional objectives and methods of the school’s program with weekly newsletters, through the school website and parent conferences if needed.
  • Correspond with parents, on an on-going basis, discuss their children’s progress and methods of instruction:
    1. Parent-teacher conferences
    2. Communication classroom websites and other electronic classroom communication approved by Administrators
    3. Notes between parents and school
    4. Progress reports and report cards
    5. Phones calls when necessary
  • Encourage a parent-teacher partnership between home and school:
    1. Open House
    2. PTO Meetings/Town Hall Meetings 1-2 yearly
    3. STEAM Night
    4. Grade-level Field Trips
    5. Volunteer Requests
    6. PTO Events
  • Inform parents that they may request information about the professional qualifications of their child’s classroom teacher(s) and the qualifications of the classroom assistant. Information is available upon request at the school.

High Point Academy will provide opportunities for parent involvement. Parents and faculty will work together to assist in providing strategies to help children succeed. The school will hold annual meetings for parents to learn about the Title I program and strategies for helping their child improve reading and math. The classroom teachers will provide parents with progress reports and meet with parents at parent conference days to discuss their child’s progress and methods of instruction.

Parent participation is an essential part of the education of your child. An annual evaluation of the effectiveness of the parent involvement policy will be conducted. A survey will be sent out at the conclusion of the school year to assess the Title I program. All Parents are encouraged to attend the Title Planning Meetings. An announcement will be placed on the front doors of the school 48 hours in advance announcing the location, time, and date.

Parents are encouraged to sign in when asked to do so. This allows High Point Academy to have a record of their parental involvement. Committed to a student, parent, and school community TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More), HPA seeks input to better our programs and meet the needs of our students and their families.

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