High Point Academy is committed to providing accurate, timely, and useful information to students, parents, employees, and community members.  Below are the various tools we use to deliver news, school calendars, emergency notifications, staff contact information, and more.


  • School website
  • Social media: Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram
  • BrightArrow Communication
    • Weekly Newsletter & Announcements
    • Emails
    • Text Alerts
    • Voice Calls
  • Announcements on TV and radio


These resources will also be used to make announcements in the event of an emergency like winter weather, a thunderstorm, a tornado, earthquake, a threat to campus or similar circumstances.


To report an emergency at High Point Academy, please call 911. Check our homepage for all Emergency Alert notices.


The goal of every High Point Academy employee is to provide a safe and secure learning environment for all students. HPA officials and administrators have emergency plans in place for the safety of students and staff. Those include plans for school delays, school closings, sheltering in place, evacuation, and school lockdowns. Decisions will be made based on the particular type of emergency by HPA security personnel and school administrators. The cooperation of parents is crucial during these events. In a situation of urgency, it is essential for parents, and family members do not come to school to pick up their children. Doing so could put you and your student at risk. During these times we also ask that you not call the school. It will be crucial to keep the phone lines open.

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