High School

High Point Academy | Spartanburg, SC High Point Academy high school is focused on becoming the premier high school in the state of South Carolina. Our students benefit from rigorous academic courses, including several college classes taught on our campus and a comprehensive variety of electives.


Students also attend daily advisement classes to develop the soft-skills that will help make them successful. These skills include time management, study habits, and organization, among others. It is not enough to merely help open doors of opportunities for our students. Instead, students are taught that their talents will open the doors of opportunity, but their character will keep them in the room. HPA works to build the character by teaching the principles of Honor, Integrity, and Service.


Other opportunities include a large career fair, college opportunities like visits and scholarship training. HPA students participate in clubs such as National Honor Society, Beta Club, HOSA, and many others. Along with clubs, students learn the value of hard work as they apply themselves in championship athletics. Students have the opportunity of participating in sports like basketball, wrestling, volleyball, and softball. Many of these same student leaders also serve as leads in various plays, and performances hosted by the HPA Fine Arts Department.


Our teachers, staff, and administration are committed to the task of graduating well rounded, accomplished students who are prepared to make a difference in their families, and communities.

We welcome you to the High Point Family,


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