High School October Spotlight

  • Posted on:  October 27, 2020
Photo of Molly CareyThis month’s High School Spotlight wants High Point Academy students to create, explore, and express themselves. Molly Carey teaches art to 9th through 12th-graders. This is her second year at HPA and her second year in education. Throughout the school year, she hopes students will become more confident in their artistic abilities and grow an appreciation for the visual arts.


Inside the classroom, Ms. Carey creates an environment she hopes is inviting so students can be creative and explore new ideas that they wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to examine. “They get to express themselves in different ways, and this provides them the freedom to show their unique personalities while learning important art techniques and skills,” Carey says. She believes all students benefit from having an art course in their educational journey. Students have the opportunity to learn time management skills, perseverance when a project is challenging, or gain a new appreciation for the arts which affect their daily lives. “I love watching a student go from; I can’t do this, to I can’t believe I made this!”


Outside of the classroom, Ms. Carey is mom to her toy chihuahua, Frida. She also enjoys going on road trips through the mountains and frequently visiting flea markets to find unique antiques. Congratulations on being this month’s Teacher Spotlight!
Teacher Spotlight award
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