Teacher Wish Lists

  • Posted on:  August 19, 2020

High Point Academy | Spartanburg, SC

We know many of you would like to help our High Point Academy Spartanburg teachers with needed and wanted supply items for their classrooms. Our teachers appreciate these donations more than you know. If you would like to donate to our school, below are links to Teacher Wish Lists with a few items that they can currently use.


Click on the link below to view and purchase items. After items are purchased, they will be sent directly to the teacher. Thank you in advance for your support and generosity for our teacher.


Elementary Teacher Lists
Jocelyn Biggs:  


Brandi Huckaby:


Michelle Cargill:


Kelly Farroto:


Suzanna Ross:


Acacia Ritter:


Haley Rudisail:


Jecoliah Whittaker:


Halley Stewart:


Erika Pertell:


Sale Buchanan:


Cheyenne Brown:


Cindy Garrison:


Valarie Hildebrand:


Middle School Teacher Lists


April Purser:


Heidi Boyd:


Tessa Porter:


Amanda Garrett:


Sarah Hetzel:


Amanda Hall:


Tiffany Dean:


Donna Norman:


Joel Picher:



Patti Willingham:

High School Teacher Lists


Mariya Dmitrienko:
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