Student Email & Technology Update

  • Posted on:  August 24, 2020

HPA Families,

HPA Grizzly Box LogoPlease read below for an important Technology Update.


If your student is having problems with their Google account, such as getting this error message: “ is blocked” or otherwise having problems accessing their Gmail (grades 6-12), please read below for possible causes and how to fix the issue.


Possible Cause 1:  Google recently had a core service outage that has affected some user’s (students) Gmail accounts.


Possible Cause 2: Some students may have attempted to sign-out of their Google account while still signed in to the Chromebook itself. Typically, this is done when someone wants to sign-in to a different Google account on chrome browser but remain logged in to the Chromebook. We have security settings in place to prevent students from signing in to multiple Google accounts. If a student does manage to “sign-out” of their Google account on chrome browser, while still signed in on the Chromebook, it can cause these errors. Students should NOT be attempting to sign-out of their google account within the chrome browser itself. If they want to sign out of the Chromebook, there is a “SIGNOUT” button located on the bottom (default location) of the taskbar.


If your student is having issues accessing their school Gmail account, or getting a message saying “ is blocked”, please follow the directions below.

(NOTE:  Grades 6-8 can only email Internally to HPA domain, 9-12 can email externally, while K-5 do not have access to Gmail)



1.  Log completely out of the Chromebook. (completely log out, don’t just “lock” the account.)

2.  After logging out, and At the sign-in screen, where you see your student’s name…. click on the little drop-down arrow beside your student’s name. Then select “remove account.” It will prompt you again, so a second time, select “remove account.”

3.  Once it removes the account, it will take you to a sign-in screen. Have your student log back in with their school account. Once they are logged in, open a browser tab and go to, you should see the ‘Gmail” link in the top right corner, click that and they should be able to see their emails now.


ICYMI:  Here is the link that parents should use to request technical assistance for Chromebooks: 

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