HPA Senior Becomes First ‘Double Completer’

  • Posted on:  February 11, 2020

High Point Academy | Spartanburg, SCCongratulations to high school senior Maycen Pizor. She is the first student at High Point Academy to demonstrate mastery of content in both Business Management AND Business Information through our Career and Technical Education Program (CTE). Not only did she complete the required course work but she also passed each of the skills assessment tests for both programs becoming a “double completer”. A rare feat, not only at HPA but across the state.


CTE educates students in a range of career options through a total of 16 Career Clusters and more than 79 pathways. At HPA students have the option of choosing between three official clusters including Business Management, Business Information, and Media Technology, according to High Point Academy CTE Coordinator Beth Thomas. Inside these clusters, students then have the option of nearly a dozen different pathways like entrepreneurship, web design, accounting, illustrator, and broadcasting. “CTE courses prepare students for high demand careers with a depth of learning that builds real-world skills. Each course is part of a comprehensive program of study,” Thomas says. According to the SC Department of Education, a completer is a student who is successful in passing all of the required courses for a program of study. “A completer is a student who has selected a career goal and who has striven to be successful in order to pursue profession at this particular time in their lives,” says Dana Depew, Education Associate in Career and Technical Education. “Being a completer demonstrates to everyone that the student is an excellent example of  the South Carolina Graduate as described in the Profile as mandated by the South Carolina Department of Education.”


With this accomplishment, Pizor demonstrates a willingness to commit the time and effort to follow through on the demands of the course work. “I think getting a head start on all the business courses will be an advantage over other students at the next level,” said Pizor. The key for her was being able to take required courses like Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II early, in middle school and high school, so her schedule would allow for more Business Management classes in her junior and senior years. She is now using the accomplishment to help narrow down her college options. “I haven’t made a decision yet on where I want to go, but this will help me show schools what I’m capable of.” Pizor is also looking into how this could help her gain scholarship money.


By completing these classes, high school students can take the course standards, credentials, test scores, and certificates to their future employers to demonstrate their skills and content mastery which could give them a competitive edge in the workforce. For High Point Academy, having completers shows we are using the resources (scheduling, textbooks, supplies, teachers, funding, etc.) to effectively prepare students on becoming college and career-ready.

High Point Academy Spartanburg SC is a free public charter school built on the principles of honor, integrity, and service where students are challenged in an applied learning style of instruction with an emphasis in S.T.E.A.M. education as well as character and leadership development. Visit hpaspartanburg.com for a complete overview and all High Point Academy Spartanburg news and reviews.

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