February Elementary Teacher Spotlight

  • Posted on:  February 11, 2020

High Point Academy | Spartanburg, SCWhen you step inside the classroom of High Point Academy Spartanburg’s Elementary Teacher Spotlight for February, you may notice the paper tree shading the reading corner or the student Wall of Fame showcasing exemplary work. Mr. Elvin Ramos wants to create a fun learning environment for his third-grade students.


Each day he hopes students will come away with at least one new thing they have learned. Mr. Ramos says, “sometimes what they learn is not related to their academics, but to their character which can be far greater of an achievement. The collaborative work that happens every day, voluntarily, is very unique,” Ramos adds. “You often find students hurry to complete their work to move on to another activity, but in our room, you will often see students making sure their friends understand what they are doing.”


Mr. Ramos enjoys capturing that light bulb moment when students grasp a concept they’ve been learning in class. “This year I have seen a strong majority of my students start the year wanting nothing to do with reading to now asking if they can go to the library to check out a new chapter book because they finished the one they checked out yesterday! That desire to continue to learn is what I hope I can plant in my students’ hearts.”


Outside of school, Mr. Ramos enjoys spending time with his wife of eight years and two rambunctious four and five-year-old boys. He can often be found in the kitchen cooking with his sons.

High Point Academy | Spartanburg, SC

High Point Academy Spartanburg SC is a free public charter school built on the principles of honor, integrity, and service where students are challenged in an applied learning style of instruction with an emphasis in S.T.E.A.M. education as well as character and leadership development. Visit hpaspartanburg.com for a complete overview and all High Point Academy Spartanburg news and reviews.

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