School Closures/Delays Due To Weather

  • Posted on:  December 11, 2019

High Point Academy | Spartanburg,SCAs we approach the winter months, High Point Academy Spartanburg administrators have begun planning for inclement weather. Each year, it is possible for our area to experience days of icy or snowy weather, and this may dictate the closing or delaying school. We hope we will not need to cancel school, but we want you to be prepared ahead of time. 


How do we decide to close school?

The decision to delay or close school is a careful decision. Many factors go into the decision, including temperature, levels of snow and ice, road conditions, and how weather conditions are forecast to develop during the day. The Superintendent and the management team will decide if the school is open, delayed, or closed by reviewing the latest information. A decision is typically made no later than 6:00 AM on the morning of the delay or closure.


How is the public notified of school closings?

The best source of information is the High Point Academy website and social media channels (Facebook: @HighPointAcademySpartanburg, Twitter: @hpaspartanburg, Instagram: @hpaspartanburg). Announcements will also be made on local TV and radio stations. HPA will notify families of school closings via email and text messaging. This information will be pulled from PowerSchool information. 


What does a 2-hour delay mean?

A 2-hour delay will mean schools open two hours later than the usual start time. This means drop-off will start at 9:15 AM, and the school day will begin at 10:00 AM. Any before-school programs will be canceled. When the opening of school has been delayed due to weather, the after school programs will operate as scheduled.


What if inclement weather develops during the school day?

The school will open with the intent of remaining open for the full school day. Early dismissals are used only in extreme situations. The decision to cancel the school day, after school program, or athletic practices/games, and other events will come from the Superintendent. In such cases, HPA will inform school families as school activities are canceled.


When will the school day be made up?

State law requires the school year consists of a minimum of 180 school days. To meet this requirement, snow days will need to be made up by the end of the year. We will use any remaining make-up days built into the school calendar first before adding additional days to the end of the school year.

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