Grizzlies of the Month for September

  • Posted on:  October 7, 2019

High Point Academy | Spartanburg, SC

Congratulations to these ‘Grizzlies of the Month’ for September! Throughout the year, High Point Academy Spartanburg teachers and administrators in middle school will recognize three students each month for their academic and individual achievements. Read more about these outstanding students below.


High Point Academy | Spartanburg, SCAlex Allison (6th-Grade)

Alex is a fantastic 6th-grade student who always works hard and takes pride in his school work. He always goes the extra mile, shows RESPECT for his teachers and classmates, and goes above and beyond in all that he does. Above all, he has a great ATTITUDE and exemplifies what it means to be a Grizzly Student of the Month! Congratulations, Alex!


High Point Academy | Spartanburg, SCTharyn Stribling (7th-Grade)

What sets Tharyn apart from most students is her desire to learn. Tharyn is a good student – she is kind, hardworking, and diligent, but she is also curious. She wants to know why things are as they are and how they got that way. She is the student who will stop to ask what a word means and work to understand the meanings of things and even the deeper meanings. Tharyn is always willing to do extra work and often offers to help her teachers.


High Point Academy | Spartanburg, SCLydia Rabideau (8th-Grade)

Lydia exemplifies HPA’s code of honor, integrity, and service. Her commitment to education is evident in her hard work and dedication in and outside of the classroom. She is respectful of everyone around her and is always one of the first to volunteer to help others. Lydia brightens the halls of HPA with her kind smile and gentle spirit. For all of these reasons and many more, Lydia is the 8th-grade student of the month for September.


Students in middle school are recognized based on academic achievement as well as the way they carry themselves inside the classroom and with their classmates. The process for determining students who deserve the award are principled on the ideas of Honor, Integrity, and Service. The student’s name, the reason they accomplished ‘Grizzly of the Month’, and photos are displayed on the bulletin boards in each grade-level hallway.  The students who are chosen for this award also receive an original ‘Grizzly of the Month’ T-shirt they wear for Friday dress.

High Point Academy Spartanburg is a community-centered school built on the principles of honor, integrity, and service where academic excellence, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) education, and a project-based, applied learning instruction builds tomorrow’s leaders. Visit for a complete overview and all of High Point Academy Spartanburg news and reviews. Through a partnership with family and community, each student will strive to achieve their highest potential academically, socially, and personally.

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