2019 Spring Board Election Procedure

  • Posted on:  April 8, 2019

Dear High Point Academy Families:


This spring, the High Point Academy Spartanburg Board of Directors reviewed and revised the HPA Bylaws to better reflect charter school law and practice. Part of that process allowed us the opportunity to review our HPA School Board Election Procedures and to improve the voting process. In previous elections, only one parent or legal guardian had the right to vote as a representative of their student. Additionally, faculty and staff, who are also HPA parents, were limited either to vote as a parent or to vote as an employee.


We think that freedom to vote in public elections is the best policy, so that everyone who is qualified to vote may vote. Therefore, for the 2019 Spring Election, we are encouraging each parent or legal guardian to register to vote and cast their vote. Additionally, HPA employees may vote as a parent and as an employee. Our desire is to err on the side of freedom to vote for public office, rather than restriction. This Spring you will have the opportunity to vote for two Board seats.


As with other public offices, we are requiring all biological parents and legal guardians to register to vote in order to identify themselves as an eligible voter. Registration information is attached to this email, or you may follow the links below. “If you wish to vote in the 2019 Spring HPA Board elections, please complete and submit the required registration form by April 22, 2019.” You can click on the link to download the VOTER REGISTRATION FORM and the SPRING 2019 ELECTION BACKGROUND & PROCEDURE.


If you have any questions about this procedure, please feel free to contact me or any other Board member.



Matt Nestberg

Board Chair on behalf of the HPA Board of Directors


Please continue reading this correspondence carefully and understand that YOU MUST TAKE ACTION BY APRIL 22, 2019 to be eligible to VOTE in the Spring 2019 HPA Board Election.


Each Spring, High Point Academy Spartanburg (HPA) families, and employees have the opportunity to elect members to the HPA School Board. One must be a parent, legal guardian, or employee to be eligible to vote in the 2019 HPA Board election. To be considered a “parent” for voting purposes, an individual must be a biological parent of a student enrolled at HPA whose parental rights have not been terminated by a court of this State or a court of another state. To be considered a “legal guardian” for voting purposes, an individual must be recognized by a court of this State or a court of another state to be the legal guardian of a student enrolled at HPA. To be considered an “employee” for voting purposes, an individual must be classified by the school as a W-2 employee.


If you are a parent or legal guardian of a student enrolled at HPA and would like to be eligible to vote in the Spring 2019 HPA Board election, complete one copy of the attached form for each student you have enrolled at HPA, and return the completed form(s) to Ms. Cindy Pizor in the Front Office or email it to Ms. Cindy Pizor at cpizor@hpaspart.org by 11:59 p.m. on April 22, 2019. You must include the following information on the form: your student’s name, the name(s) of your student’s parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s), and an email address for each parent and/or legal guardian.  Election ballots will be sent to the email address(es) provided.  A separate form should be filled out for each student you have enrolled at HPA. Only those parents and legal guardians of enrolled students listed in forms submitted to Ms. Cindy Pizor by 11:59 p.m. on April 22, 2019, will be eligible to vote in the Spring 2019 HPA Board election.


We are pleased to announce that the Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina will administer the HPA Board Election again this year. An election schedule will be posted on HPA’s website in April, and the election will take place in May. Please check HPA’s website regularly for updates regarding the upcoming election. This spring, there are two (2) open Board seats that will be filled by election.  Thereafter, two (2) open Board seats will be filled by appointment.


Below, please find a summary of our election background and procedures. And, don’t forget to complete the form below to register to vote.



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