First Name

Last Name



Brodie Bricker Superintendent
Grey Lancaster Elementary Principal
Kelly Buster Elementary Asst. Principal
Kayti Donald Elem. Guidance Counselor
Chelsea Eweje Kindergarten
Paulette O’Connell Kindergarten Asst.
Courtney Leach Kindergarten
Jenna Andrews Kindergarten Asst.
Mary Kimbrell Kindergarten
Andrea Lukonic Kindergarten Asst.
Halley Lambert Kindergarten
Amy Kuhns Kindergarten Asst.
Lindsey Leonard Kindergarten
April Clayton 1st Grade
Sale Buchanan 1st Grade
Victoria Lee 1st Grade
Jecolliah Whittaker 1st Grade
Jennifer Hines 1st Grade Asst.
Katie Tressler 2nd Grade
Taylor Brown 2nd Grade


Suzanna Ross 2nd Grade
Haley Rudisail 2nd Grade
Morgan Towery 2nd Grade
Kelly Farotto 3rd Grade
Christine Morales 3rd Grade
Ashley Paul 3rd Grade
Amanda Rodriguez (Gault) 3rd Grade
Elvin Ramos 3rd Grade
Elizabeth Black 4th Grade
Cindy Garrison 4th Grade
Resi McKenzie 4th Grade
Amanda Lowe 4th Grade
Katherine Woodard 4th Grade
Letha Grandy 5th Grade
Valarie Hildebrand 5th Grade
Terri Willingham 5th Grade
Leah Pettit 5th Grade
Acacia Ritter 5th Grade
Middle School
Debra Harris Middle School Principal
Jason Thornton MS Asst. Principal
Michele Bennett MS Guidance Counselor
Amanda Garrett 6th Grade Math


Janice Leister 6th & 7th Grade ELA
Tessa Porter 6th Grade Science
April Purser 6th Grade ELA
Patti Willingham 6th Grade Math
Bradley Watson 6th Grade Social Studies
George McDaniel 7th Grade Math
Janet Gubser 7th Grade ELA
Hayley Morrison 7th Grade Social Studies
Autumn Flanigan 7th & 8th Grade ELA
Katelynn Burnett 7th Grade Science
Rivers Carroll 8th Grade Science
Amanda Hall 8th Grade ELA
Donna Norman 8th Grade Math
Adam Smith 7th & 8th Grade Math
Celine Waldrop 8th Grade Social Studies
Gavin Lawless MS P.E.
High School
Cameron Collier High School Principal
Justin Richards HS Asst. Principal
Shara Jones HS Guidance Counselor
Ben Bramhall HS Guidance Counselor
Beth Thomas Career Specialist
Mariya Dmitrienko HS Science
Jessica Grizzle HS Social Studies
Edwin Hall HS Social Studies
Kiley Painter HS Spanish
Kayla Anderson HS Spanish
Lewis Bennett HS Math


Brittnie Manning HS Math
Shannon McDonald HS ELA
Larry McWaters HS History
Dean Petty HS Science
Alexandra Capps HS Science
Hal Weber HS Math
Marcus Watts HS Business
Lauren White HS ELA
Ronald Bell HS P.E.
SPED Services
Jonathan Hayes SPED Director
Janelle Sawyer SPED Admin. Assist.
Heidi Boyd SPED
Melissa Brown SPED
Tiffany Dean SPED
Andrea Green HS SPED
Sarah Hetzel SPED
Kim Morais SPED Asst.
Haskell Chisholm SPED Asst.
Noelle Gregoire SPED Asst.
Joseph Millwood SPED Asst.
Fine Arts
Ryan Bishop Dir. of Fine Arts
Seth Anderson MS/HS Piano


Jocelyn Biggs Elem. Music
Keasha Currence MS/HS Dance
James Fox MS/HS Band
Molly Carey HS Art
Hayley Proctor MS Art
Katherine Riedy Theater
Chase McAbee MS/HS Chorus
Angela Miller Elem. Piano
Robyn Peterson Elem. Art
Katrina Rehm HS ASL
Kasey Rice Elem. P.E.
Jessie Wagner Elem. Dance
 Eric Wells Character Ed/Life Skills
Student Services
Nichole Cohen ISS
Jessica Gault Literacy Coach 4th-8th
Becky Lancaster HS Math Coach
Stacey Childers Interventionist
Brandi Huckaby Literacy Coach K-3rd
Courtney Buchanan Speech Therapy
Cari Spanton Occupational Therapist
Katie Nestberg Media Specialist


Sandy Norman Family Liaison
Christy Papala Dir. of Curriculum/Fed. Programs
MaKaylah Plemmons STEAM Instructor
Christine Sawyer ELL Coordinator
Amber Faulkner ELL Teacher
Kia Sloan i-Ready
Jaci Stalnaker EMT / Health Services
Brett Tolliver Computer Lab
Lorraine Vaughn Lead Interventionist
Christine Jarrad Interventionist
Michelle Cargill Math Coach 3-8
Business Office
Ada Alimagham Finance
Jamie Cline Reception
Crey Ewing IT Support
Kevin Mason Director of Communication
Cindy Pizor Enrollment Specialist
Eric Wells Athletic Director / Transportation
Joe Sanders Technology Director
Tammy Edwards  Food Service Manager
Watson Armstrong After School Director
Amber Faulkner ELL Teacher
Donnie Sims Business Office Manager
Candi Israel Attendance Coordinator


High Point Academy Spartanburg is a community-centered school built on the principles of honor, integrity, and service where academic excellence, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) education, and a project-based, applied learning instruction builds tomorrow’s leaders. Visit for a complete overview and all of High Point Academy Spartanburg news and reviews. Through a partnership with family and community, each student will strive to achieve their highest potential academically, socially, and personally.
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