Take The Polar Plunge Into Reading

  • Posted on:  December 21, 2018

High Point Academy | Spartanburg, SCTake the ‘Polar Plunge into Reading’ challenge. This is a 30 day, school-wide challenge to encourage all High Point Academy Spartanburg students to read for 20-minutes daily. Between December 24th and January 25th students in kindergarten through 12th-grades can record what they read. If we reach 500,000 total minutes read each principal and our superintendent will get a bucket of ice cold water dumped on their heads! The students who log the most minutes, from each school (elementary, middle, high), will get to dump the freezing water on their principal. Reading times can be entered on this Google Form.


A student who reads 20 minutes per day will be exposed to nearly two million words a year expanding their vocabulary, improving spelling, and typically scores in the 90th percentile on standardized tests. Research also shows those students who read for 20 minutes a day perform better in school. Through daily reading, students are exposed to a world outside their own reality. It expands their know-how, opens their mind, and creates the potential for a continuation of ideas and an endless number of possibilities. Remember, you choose what to read. It does not have to be something school related, it can be anything you want. Be sure and log your time on our Google Form and then get ready to watch your principal get soaked with ice cold water!


High Point Academy | Spartanburg, SC

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Second Semester Message From Superintendent Junkins | High Point Academy Spartanburg
January 22, 2019 at 3:00 pm

[…] Reading is a valuable part of a student’s educational success. Be sure and check out our ‘Polar Plunge Challenge’ for […]

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